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Well pretty much every memory I have of Munich involves something over-sized...the one litre steins of beer, the pretzels that are bigger than a small dog, the schnitzels and port knuckles that take up an entire dinner plate by themselves BEFORE the side of fries and salad is squeezed onto the sides and underneath. I cant believe just how much the locals of Munich could eat and drink in one sitting!!

Other than the over-sized food and obsession with beer, there wasnt a lot to see and do in Munich as far as sight-seeing was concerned so I spent most of my time wandering aimlessly around, checking out every store that sold the traditional clothes - so cute!

I had a really nice couple in my dorm room who were from Australia (but who were living in London before their europe trip) and after chatting for about half an hour we all decided to hit up the Hofbrauhaus - the biggest & best traditional beer house in Munich - basically what Munich is known for. Ive been pretty sick so it was supposed to be a quiet night for me, maybe one or two drinks...but of course like every other planned quiet night on this trip i wound up sneaking into the dorm room with them at 3 or 4am and curling up in bed still dressed...was such a fun night though. Then the next day the sickness was even worse and I struggled to get up at 7am to get to a tour of the Disney castle...which, once again, involved a massive mountain hike that nobody told me about!! It was SO worth it though, the castle was awsome to see and then the group went on a nice relaxed bike ride around Swan Lake (flat surface - thank goodness!) and then hopped on a train back to Munich.

All in all Munich was really fun...but I still dont feel I was made for Germany --- without an obsession for beer and for huge portions of meat, I just dont fit in!!

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Vienna & Salzburg

sunny 28 °C

What a beautiful place!! Austria has been such a fantastic spot to travel through with such postcard-perfect scenery. Absolutely loved it.

Vienna was a beautiful city even though I dont really feel like ive seen a lot of it, or Salzburg either really because ive been quite sick with the flu for the last few days. I did manage to get to a Mozart symphony with ballet & opera at the Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna which was fantastic!! Well worth the euros for a nice cultured girls night out (that didnt involve alcohol for once!) The hostel wasnt too bad...loud and never slept of course but some of the other girls on Busabout which were on a different floor to me had bed bugs in their room all over the beds and they pretty much got eaten alive - yuK! I would have had some nasty words to say about that to the staff there, but when it was brought up with them they didnt even really care. So bad.

Salzburg has been by far one of my favourite spots, so pretty and so relaxing! I definately seem to prefer the smaller towns to the bigger cities - easier to navigate ur way around them which is a lot less stressful if u lack any sense of direction like I do!! Plus the streets are less crowded and ppl barge into u with elbows less haha. Yesterday I did a tour of the ice caves which were awsome as I expected...HOWEVER...nobody mentioned the fact that getting to the damn ice caves involved a bloody mountain hike through the Austrian Alps and a cable car that went up practically vertical at the side of the mountain about 1700m! of course once ur there u have no choice but to grin & bear it but oh my god ive never been in so much pain in my life. Made the huge schnitzel I ate at the end of the day oh so good. And the view was absolutely stunning, u pretty much feel like ur standing in the middle of a postcard it was insane.

Well internet time is running out...off to Munich today where im sure there will be no rest at all!!!!


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Czech Republic

Prague & Cesky Krumlov

sunny 27 °C

I am so incredibly glad to be back to the Euro here in Vienna after spending 6 days struggling to figure out the bloody Czech currency...2000 and 5000 notes - very very different!

Prague was a really pretty city but definately not what i had expected...Im not sure if it had too much hype around it and people had talked it up too much but I was kind of disappointed with it. I found it really overrated & a tad dull to be honest. The people were rude and extremely hateful of tourists and the hostel staff were ridiculously hopeless at their jobs which made everything that should have been simple into a really big drama. There also wasnt a lot to do there except wander around and take in the old architecture and history of the place (and the beautiful Prague castle of course). The room my friend Rachael and I ended up with at the hostel though was great!! A girls only room with big mirrors, really nice shower and hairdryers...a 4 bedder all to ourselves because nobody else ended up being in the room. I had fun and enjoyed going out with everyone and experiencing Prague nightlife but 3 nights were definately enough in Prague and I was really happy to be moving onto Cesky krumlov.

Cesky Krumlov was fantastic. Such a small, cute place that reminded me a lot of Bruges. People still wernt overly happy here but at least they were a lot more pleasant to deal with on a day to day basis which made things bit easier. The hostel was a quirky little place where if u were any taller than me u would hit ur head at every turn and it was so old it even had wooden nails holding it all together still!! It was also run by a crazy brazilian and majority of the staff were just other renadom trvallers who landed in Cesky and never really left - they now spend their days taking ppl to the top of the river and laying in the sun & being paid for it - rough life huh?! It had a really good atmosphere though and the food was AWESOME and very cheap too! Highlight was the river rafting...7 of us got together, hired a little boat and rafted lazily down the river stopping at many bars along the way where ppl were practically throwing drinks at u before u even got out of the boat - combine this with the amazingly beautiful hot weather we had and it made for a perfect stay in Cesky. I finally got some colour thanks to the nice weather and am now one step above albino - YAY!

Now im onto Vienna in Austria and my arse and legs feel like they have finally fully recovered from the 70km bike ride in Bruges so im going to head off on a bike tour which is meant to be great and tomorrow hitting up the local markets tomorrow.

I started this whole trip with an idea in my head of how long in each place and what id like to do and all of that has now changed - i change my mind about what id like to do, where i want to stay and for how long so im now flying by the seat of my pants and not booking anything - embracing the lazy, flexible traveller I have easily become (hoping for the best!!!)

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In love with Berlin

sunny 21 °C

So the plan to sight-see/brush up on my history doing the walking tour etc just didnt work out...I pretty much have not stopped partying since my feet hit Berlin and its been so so incredibly fun (excluding the horrific hang-overs the next day of course).

Berlin night-life is pretty much awesome and the whole city itself just has this really great vibe about it - plus its beautiful at night! The hostel im staying at is really central so everything is just a walk away - shopping, the TV Tower, Checkpoint Charlie, Brandenburg Gates, Holocaust Memorial, a very good kebab shop whos best customers have been the guys n gals ive been partying with...i of course get to have a salad lol after the alcohol though my body thanks me for it i think. One thing ive definately learnt is that they love their meat in Germany especially pork. Bit yuck really just how much they love it but the serving sizes are massive, even the salad i got could have fed a 5 person family easily!! And that anything less than a half litre glass of beer simply doesnt exist and would probably offend should u order anything less.

So im feeling refreshed after a night off the drink and ready to hit the ground running to catch up on everything i should have done when i first got here. Good thing I gave myself 5 nights here because I sooooo dont want to leave! I love it!

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Amsterdam >> Berlin

overcast 19 °C

Well Amsterdam was...interesting...to say the least. Not really my cup of tea but i can see the appeal for men thats for sure!!! Chickadees absolutely everywhere - as long as u have cash of course haha

Other than the main historical and cultural things i found amsterdam only smelt of pot and urine and was full of seedy guys. I still had a pretty good time anyway, met some cool people and had an awsome roomie who looked out for me which was great of him! Not the safest place for a girl on her own thats for sure...the live sex show was very funny!! Said roomie managed to get himself dragged up onto stage by the dominatrix which was hilarious!

NOW im in Berlin and only just arrived tonight! Already loving it, the whole city & hostel just has a really good atmosphere about it and im back with a whole heap of very very cool people so the pub crawl should be a blast! Im here for 5 days so ill have time to search for some cheap internet cafes where I can load some photos finally!! Sorry for the delay there...amsterdam was extremely expensive and just a plain waste of $$$ particularly for internet!

Plan is to do the walking tour tomorrow to get a general idea of where the main sights & museums are so i can explore on my own over a few days, the history is so in-depth and fscinating yet chilling - like a nerd im very excited about it!

P.S. sorry for the typos - keyboard is so backwards here in germany!

xx cheerio!

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