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Paris & Bruges (Belgium)

semi-overcast 15 °C

Paris was sooo beautiful! Definately the 'romantic' city so rich with history, culture and romance - loved it!!

I did the free walking tour from the hostel with the firls from Montreal and it was sooo good. The guide was really enthusiastic and really knew his stuff so i learnt so much interesting stuff about the huge beautiful buildings id been staring at since i arrived. Visited all the normal touristy places in paris - Champs de Elyss (excuse the terrible spelling), Eiffel Tower, Napoleon's grave, The Louvre and heaps more that im struggling to remember now but thats what the photos are for. Eiffel Tower is so much bigger and awe-inspiring when you're at the bottom of it - i was speechless! And of course didn't even fathom going up it as i'd probably begin hyper-ventilating at 6 feet but it was amazing...the whole place was just amazing I cant even describe it. On my way back through though I will be going through the Louvre and a few other things I didnt get the time to do this time.

The girls and I also joined in the pub crawl through Paris last night which was really fun but again Paris is just so unsafe for young women and at times we got a bit seperated from the group which was quite scary. Paris bars and clubs are nothing too special but just being in Paris was special enough to suffice. Getting up for the first Busabout trip next morning was difficult after getting back to the hostel (which doesn't seem to sleep at all?) at about 2am. Still managed to get down a fair bit of the free brekkie at the hostel before I was off though so i was impressed with the effort - i even showered! haha

So now onto Bruges...

It's so damn cute!!!!! Everything is so neat and tidy and its packed full of tourists which makes me feel a lot safer here compared to Paris. Of course on the bus to Bruges the guide was going through all the interesting info on the city and things to see & do and mentioned that tomorrow the whole town completely shuts down for some religious holiday...tomorrow also happens to be my only full day in Bruges. Just lucky I guess lol. Luckily its an incredibly tiny town and easy to see in an afternoon which some vigorous walking so a couple of from SA and I went on the Choco-Story tour and learnt the history of belgium chocolate - very interesting! And of course there were the free samples and the demonstration of a delicious hazlenut praline being made. Lets just say I was in my own little heaven. Every second shop is a sweets/chocolatier. Rough life huh. Lunch was Pomm Friets (hot chips) which a cheesy mayonnaise type thing which is apparently one of the foods they are known for. Not too shabby at all.

Hostel reminds me of the picture I had in my head of the Weasley house in Harry Potter - a creaky old windy, twisty multi-story falling down house with an old sort of charm - tiny spiral staircase designed for midgets was a nightmare with my luggage but should be a fun ride down with a few drinks in the system (Apple beer - yum!!)

Tomorrow im going to attempt to ride a bike for the first time since I was 8 years old and see the rest of the town while its shut down. There is also a festival on tomorrow too which should be cool. Most of all...tomorrow is a sleep-in finally!!!!!

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Onto Paris...

sunny 19 °C

Well i've just taken the long long bus journey onto paris which wasnt too bad...only part that i didnt like at all was when the bus drove onto a train and then the train went under the water over to paris...so pretty much was trapped in a seat, inside a bus, inside a train, inside 4 walls of water - bit freaky & slightly claustrophobic!! But the trip was pretty good nonetheless. Made friends with 2 girls from Montreal who were also heading to St Christophers Inn too which was a coincidence and so they spoke a fair bit of french too which was very handy!!

Nearly got rolled at the metro station on our way to the hostel which was scary!! 5 tiny little gypsies that looked like 8 yr olds surrounded us and pulled out some clipboard pretending to do a survey and were trying to take our stuff...but lived to tell the tale, just a bit of a wake up call about safety i suppose!! Thank goodness for moneybelts. Best investment ever.

The hostel is really nice but the internet is really expensive here so i will probly only hop on again to update on my sight-seeing and upload photos before i jump on busabout on Thursday.

I've decided I could never live in London - everybody just lives on top of each other!! So different to good ol' newy where there are nice seperate houses and personal space lol

Off to get something to eat and fill in some time before I go and see Eiffel Tower at night - apparently its amazing!! Free 4 hour walking tour tomorrow which should be fun.


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Ok so I worked out how to add some photos...BUT...there is a ridiculous size limit that I can upload using this site that i wasnt aware of and with my few London photos i have now practically reached the limit for the month!!

So...Im going to add all the photos I can on here but I may have to just add each album onto facebook for anybody who is interested. I will add my blog entries on here regularly as usual but I will add photos for each place I go to as I travel on Facebook for people to look at...sorry about that guys!!

Off to Paris tomorrow - yay!!!!!!!


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Train Hopping

Down-town London

all seasons in one day 18 °C

I got to do some sight-seeing today...started pretty early too (because little did I know that the sun rises here at about 5am and comes shining right through onto you!!). It was one of the smartest things i've done, getting up and going early because by the time midday hit everywhere was just packed with tourists.

I've finally got the london train system down-pat which I think you should all be pretty proud of me for considering when I left I could barely navigate my way on a bus from Elermore Vale to Newcastle without ending up getting mum to drive me in!! I caught the train about 15 times on a £5.50 all-day train pass - great value! Saw Big Ben, Parliament Houses, Tower of London, London Bridge, The London Eye, Trafalgar Square and a few other places around the area. I had soooo much fun wandering around, barely even aware of the time of day and discovering so many things around every corner.

Surprisingly, I don't find London expensive at all. Not like people make it out to be. I gave in to my tight-arse tendencies & got a few well priced souvenirs too, just little things that arn't breakable!

I would try and upload the photos but i'm not really sure how so i'll give it a go later tonight when there are less people around to see me make an arse of myself and look like a complete fool who doesn't know how to use computers he he.

So basically...love London!

Still no adaptor so phone is barely on & used - don't stress mum i'll e-mail daily!


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Sydney to Seoul...Seoul to London

rain 16 °C

Wow...what a traumatic few days!! I can safely say im no huge fan of flying - both flights had the worst turbulance (incredible views though so that kind of made up for it) and I now have a whole new appreciation for PERSONAL SPACE after the 2 flights and then battling the underground in London where I felt like I was packed into a sardine can (plus I got on the wrong train, as only I could do). But i've now arrived at the hostel in Hammersmith safe & sound (so you can breath easy again mum). My phone died at quite possibly the worst time and idiot me didnt think to get a uk adaptor so for the next few days the net will probly have to do until I hit Europe.

Seoul --- nobody helpful and not such a nice place - good thing it was only a stop over!! Plus I left Sydney at 6am where it was about 5 degrees - to hit Seoul which was 32 degrees at 8am at night and broad daylight...pretty unexpected that was!

London -- everybody is really helpful, people even helped to lift my bags when they could see either the bag handle or my arm was about to break...next time ill look into the whole 'backpack' thing i think because 5 flights of stairs and 3 train platform jumps later - regret over the choice of luggage kicked in!

I gotta say London is really cool from what I have seen so far - the first thing I could see from the plane was the big red double decker buses - just like in the movies lol not a huge deal, but I got excited anyway!!! I'm hoping to sight-see tomorrow and take some photos and do all that touristy kind of stuff when im not so tired and cranky, and when it stops raining preferably.

Hopefully more exciting stuff to tell when i'm feeling upto typing a little more tomorrow night..I dont even know what time it is here come to think of it !

Bed Time!!

Love & miss u all

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