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Nice, Monaco and Switzerland

snow 2 °C

After leaving Italy its back to France to visit Nice for a few days which turned out to be a lot better than I wes expecting. I was kinda bummed that I was leaving Italy after really getting used to the siestas and extremely strong daily caffeine shots but Nice ended up being a lot of fun.

A few of us spent the majority of it wandering around, looking in rqndom shops and lazing on the beaches. Rock (or BOULDER) beach in Nice that everybody raves about - I consider it a mild form of turture. Not fun at all. But we did a day trip to Monaco which was only bout 20 mins away from Nice on the train and the beach there was beautiful - still rocks, but they were really small soft rocks so it was more like an exfoliation of the skin and I actually preferred these rocks to sand because they brushed off sooo much easier. We had such incredible weather too which made it even better. There were massive, extravagant yachts everywhere and signs for 'Super-Yacht' insurance everywhere as well...obviously quite an important thing? And the cars, oh my god. I dont think I saw one normal car at all in the entire day we were there...saw plenty of Lambourghinis, Porsche, Ferrari, Bently, Mercedes...no Hondas or Mitsubishi though, surprise surprise. We were told about all of this on our way in warned that its a tiny little independant country with a non-refundable 1 million dollar APPLICATION fee that Madonna couldnt even get let into...but it was still pretty incredible to be in the middle of it all. Very very cool place.

Switzerland wes eeeaaasily one of my favourite places, purely because of how beautiful it is. In actual fact, it is incredibly expensive and totally drains the budget without u even realising it...but the beauty really is breathtaking. When we rolled in though it was really cloudy and the rain clouds were following us in which made it about 2 degrees celcius for the first 2 days I was there and I could barely even see the alps but when the weather cleared the alps revealed themselves and they were fantastic - and it had snowed up high on the alps for those entire 2 days too without us even realising. A friend and I cqught a cable cqr up on the first clear day we had and then hiked up the rest of the way and all the way ACROSS some of the alps too, which was quite a mission without the proper gear that we probably should have had given we were trapsing through pure snow and ice. Then the next day I did something I never thought I would ever be able to do and went running of the edge of one of these alps..paragliding :) It was INCREDIBLE. I dont even know how to describe it. It was the scariest but most exciting thing I have ever done .. and I even got to steer it myself too. And YES I have photo and video proof for any of u who dont believe me cos im normally such a chicken n can barely jump a fence without crying hehe :D

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